microCoin version 2.2 update

microCoin continue with new algo and start pay 10% annual stake.
Update your old coins on alcurEX exchange MRC/new MRC2 market with price 1:1.

After one month there will be around 30850000000 old microCoins.
This coins can change to new microCoins with price 1 MRC = 1 New MRC.
After all 30850000000 coins are sold, old microCoin network is not valid anymore.
So you have about one month time period to change old microCoins.

New microCoin network:
First 100 blocks 3085000 MRC. (For exchange old microCoins)
5000 PoW blocks with stable 1000MRC/block reward.

microCoin Stake:
10% annual stake. (blocks <= 90000)
after that, 0.1% annual stake forever. (blocks > 90000)

Algo: X13
Block time: 1 minute
Stake min time: 24hours
Stake max time: 30 days
Coin mature time: 50 blocks

New wallet microCoin v

Please note. Before you update new wallet, send all your old network microCoins in you alcurEX exchange wallet.
After you install new wallet, you are not available use old microCoin wallet anymore in same computer.
(Because it will use same roaming folder)

How to update wallet:
1. Send all your old microCoins in your alcurEX account
2. close your old microCoin wallet
3. Delete or rename your microCoin roaming folder manually,
(or run rename_old_wallet.bat file. It will rename your microcoin folder to microcoin_old).

New microCoin is named microCoin2 (MRC2) on the alcurEX as long as we change micros.
Anyway, official name is still microCoin (MRC) and will be change in exchange as soon as old microCoin is delisted.

posted: 2014-03-07

alcurEX and microCoin projects:
alcurEX will start creating these services in the future.
alcurEX info:

posted: 2014-09-21




alcurex_logo_smallmicroCoinalcurEX Exchange & microCoin
microCoin will be a major currency at alcurEX alongside bitcoin and litecoin.
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posted: 2014-02-10