New big MRC pool – Spread the hashpower!

microCoin has gained another big, reliable pool! Try spreading the hashpower and mining there to help the network and our russian supporters.

This will greatly benefit MRC.

Pool for mining microcoins – a powerful new pool for a quick getting coins MRC 0% fee.
As promised to the creators and the community for a long time put a powerful pool.
Want to quickly and reliably profitable dig coins MRC – invited to the pool.
MRC mining pool  –
Why mine at
1.   0% pool fee
2.   Powerful MRC pool. We specifically purchased a new technique for this pool. We have powerful hardware to drive this pool forward. Power up 950+ workers. With a total maximum speed 1Gh/s+. Based on the machines Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 Hexa-Core Ivy Bridge-E (6 physical cores, 12 threads (hyper-threading), fast storage devices: 2 x 240 GB 6 Gb/s SSD, storage: 128 GB ECC. Costs in Germany.
3.   DDOS protection.
4.   EN and RU languages.
5.   Reliable and fast payouts.