MRC have new algo and PoS network. Update your old coins on exchange

microCoin continue with new algo and PoS network.
Update your old coins on alcurEX exchange MRC/new MRC2 market with price 1:1.

After one month there will be around 30850000000 old microCoins.
This coins can change to new microCoins with price 1 MRC = 1 New MRC.
After all 30850000000 coins are sold, old microCoin network is not valid anymore.
So you have about one month time period to change old microCoins.
* Or as long as old MRC network is alive.

old MRC network is totally stopped.
MRC-MRC2 Swap market is also closed.
Proof of Burn
After swap there was left 12,466,090,905.65 unsold microCoins.
Those coins are burned using burn address generated with James C. Stroud written script.
That kind of Proof of Burn address format use example Counterparty and Dogeparty.

microCoin burning address: mMicroCoin2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxZvyPWJ
Transaction ID: db3e2e8634618201d3ae015f44c5735d0bc70f4ee9d873c5a44d0668fb5a7d72
Block Height: 58237 Block Time: November 2, 2014, 22:59:34