MRC [µ]
Fair crypto. No premine. No instamine.


microCoin logo2 microCoin is one of the latest in the progress of cryptocurrency and e-payment solutions offering many interesting features for  users, merchants and investors.microCoin has been made with the primary purposes of being a convenient way of storing, transferring and gaining wealth.It offers the same functionality and benefits bitcoin does, but adds and improves on the many flaws that bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have.
 microCoin no need minersmining  microCoin have 100% Proof of Stake network.
This mean, microCoin no need mining.
Staking will keep microCoin network alive for ever.Download new microCoin 3.0 wallet
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microCoin and investinginvesting
microCoin markets:
microCoin offers several benefits and opportunities for profit for investors.After microCoin start to be full POS (Proof Of Stake) coin, mining is not available any more.
This means, microCoins will be generated only with stake blocks.There is around 18 BIL micros mined and POS stake reward is only 1 Mil / year.Comparing with bitcoins which are minted around 14MIL, there is 1000 times more microCoins on market.Because microCoin not spend electricity for keeping network alive, and because MRC can get only buying it, value can not compare only with amount, but may give some figure.POS network will be alive as long there is at least 2 wallets on network. Miners are no needed.microCoin is alcurEX exchange main currency which gives some value for the coin, because there is permanent market place trading microCoins.Long term plan for micro is to be “easy to use crypto” for daily usage.

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microcoin_accepted_logo microCoin is a good choice for stores and other services as it offers fast, convenient and secure transactions in almost an instant.microCoin is first crypto with the decentralized payment verification feature.Platforms for easy integration of microCoin in shops will be up soon to make sure businesses will have no trouble using microCoin.

If you have webshop or service, join with us and start offering your products with micros.

At first payment plugin will be published for PrestaShop.
Payment plugin is opensource, decentralized and free to use for merchants and users.

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